Franchise your business

The Practice is one of a very small number of facilitators registered with the Franchise Association of Southern Africa. The 2010 FASA Directory lists only four such consultants countrywide of which The Practice is one.

Once an individual or organisation expresses an interest in franchising their business, and elects The Practice to manage the process, the following procedures take place:

an exploratory interview with the prospective franchisor to determine, provisionally,  the suitability of the individuals involved and their concept, for franchising;

a comprehensive, thirteen-point viability study to ascertain the replicability of the concept;

audit, research, preparation and compilation of the Franchise Agreement, the Disclosure Document and the Operations and Procedures Manual;

reworking the financial statements;

obtaining FASA membership on behalf of the client;

marketing the franchises.

The Practice’s fee structure for the development of the franchise concept is either based on a project or an hourly consulting rate. Normally the project fee will be communicated once the full scope of the assignment has been discussed in detail, and deliverables have been set.




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