Damian Dionisio, the principal of Defendoor, has accumulated more than two decades of valuable experience in the security door industry. He has literally done everything from selling security doors, designing marketing material and co-ordinating marketing, to managing agents nationally, developing advanced training courses, motivating representatives and consulting on security matters in homes, factories, warehouses, etc. During his career in the security door market, Damian has always strived to improve the quality and usefulness of his products. In the process he has registered eight patents, all designed to strengthen and enhance the Defendoor brand and range of products.

Defendoor products are of exceptional quality and clearly superior to those of its competitors.  The products are priced to compete with, or beat, other industry leaders and well-known brands. 

Defendoor is the only security company in the country accredited with the Franchise Association of South Africa!


Franchise Services

Marketing, selling and installation of quality, durable, maintenance-free security products which include retractable security doors, industrial roller shutters, aluminium roller shutters, swing gates, cottage pane bars, fencing, louvre security shutters and fixtures to the public and to commercial communities.


The Opportunity

Successful applicants will receive a complete turnkey operation which includes the licence fee, professional fees, set-up of the premises, fixtures, fittings, furniture, product samples, demonstration kit, equipment and signage, as well as two weeks comprehensive initial training.

Franchisees will receive top-notch support from the franchisor head office in all aspects of the operation of the business. This support will include regular visits and addressing franchisees’ difficulties in all facets of their operation.

Franchisees pay no royalties but initially contribute R2,000 per month to the franchisor’s advertising fund.


Franchise Cost:

Initial Fee R295 000

Set-up Cost R500 000

Total R795 000

Operating Capital R50 000

Total Investment R845 000

Advertising R2 000 p/m

Royalties Nil


R310 000 – Year 1 (projected nett profit)

R535 000 – Year 2 (projected nett profit)


Franchise opportunities - Countrywide


All amounts exclude VAT



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