Muzoki is a unique and funky music school which offers professional lessons on a wide range of musical instruments, together with voice training, music theory, music appreciation, worship music, drama and public speaking to students of all ages.  It also offers a full diploma course in sound engineering, studio- and live recording, stage lighting and DJ techniques.

Muzoki is the first and only music school to become a member of the Franchise Association of South Africa! 


Franchise Opportunities

Included in the price of a franchise is a complete turnkey setup comprising furniture, fixtures & fittings, musical instruments, a refreshments kiosk, four music rooms and an office.  These beautifully appointed premises are professionally designed, sound proof, colourful, and make for an exceptional learning experience; and are in respectable shopping centres or stretch malls with market-related rentals, 70m² - 80m² in area, with a clear shop fronts, central air conditioning and well lit; and should be within a 10 kilometre radius from the major schools in area. 

A franchisee should be a full-time, hands-on, enthusiastic, entrepreneurial, responsible and reliable individual who is capable of achieving his/her business objectives.  A performing or proven musician or vocalist would be a recommendation.


Franchise Cost

Initial Fee R75 000

Set-up Cost R356 200

Total R427 200

Operating Capital R70 800

Total Investment R498 000

Advertising R1 500 p/m

Royalties 12% of Fees


R154 000 – Year 1 (projected nett profit)

R302 000 – Year 2 (projected nett profit)


Franchise opportunities - Countrywide


All amounts exclude VAT



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