Established by Jacques van Tonder and Juaan Myburgh in Kimberley, Northern Cape, the concept entails the application of cladding to existing walls in the form of 9mm thick brick tiles cut from a range of durable, authentic face bricks. Applied properly, these brick tiles will last a lifetime, offering all the features, benefits and characteristics of a full clay face brick. The tiles are easily applied in much the same way as conventional ceramic tiles, using regular exterior single-component ceramic tile adhesive mixed with water. Once placed, the spaces are filled with grout and finished off with a pointing tool. Finally, the surfaces are block-brushed with a dry brush to remove any loose material, excess grout and dust.


Franchise Opportunities

Bricktile Magic presents a wonderful and highly lucrative opportunity to its franchisees. It is a home-based business with the actual installations done from a fully-fitted and branded 1.5 ton trailer which is included in the franchisees’ set-up costs. An ideal family business, it provides for one partner handling sales, marketing and administration, while the other assumes responsibility for the installation and application of the cladding. This arrangement makes the selling presentation even more attractive to prospective customers, since the entire installation is owner-supervised. 

Franchisees are expected to do mall expos on at least a quarterly basis, since this method has been tried and tested and has proved to be very successful. In addition, Bricktile Magic’s head office manages a website and prospective customers from across the country make enquiries regarding the product. These leads are directed to the franchisee from whose territory the enquiry emanated for the franchisee to follow up.

Bricktile Magic has also entered into an arrangement with the Legendary Brands Group who owns the Mica and DIY Depot brands, and which comprise almost 300 hardware stores across South Africa. Bricktile Magic supplies these stores who, in turn, retail the raw product to their customers. Franchisees then have the opportunity to offer their installation services to these customers.

Finally, successful franchisees who have proven their worth may qualify for manufacturing licences. This will drastically increase their operations and, consequently, their profits.


Franchise Cost

Initial Fee R95 000

Set-up Cost R200 000

Total R295 000

Operating Capital R50 000

Total Investment R345 000

Advertising R1 000 p/m

Royalties Nil


R212 000 – Year 1 (projected nett profit)

R590 000 – Year 2 (projected nett profit)


Franchise opportunities - Countrywide


All amounts exclude VAT




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