Clear Sky Academy teaches learners how to study. We present our CSA Study Skills Course at schools, in classrooms allocated by a school. Our two-hour classes start after school and usually end at 16:30. No classes over weekends! The course curriculum is divided into 24 classes presented over a full year with a minimum of two classes per month, school holidays excluded.


Franchise Services

Our aim is to empower every learner to excel. Should a learner master and apply the skills we teach, we can truly promise that The Sky is the Limit. At the moment we present our course only in Gauteng but will be expanding to the rest of South Africa in the near future.

Franchise Cost

Initial Fee R110 000

Set-up Cost R90 000

Total R200 000

Operating Capital R  50 000

Total Investment R250 000

Advertising NIl

Royalties R10 000 p/m


R106 000 with 180 learners (projected nett profit)

R490 000 with 360 learners (projected nett profit)


Franchise opportunities - Countrywide


All amounts exclude VAT




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