Sanondaf is the South African division of Sanoserv International Franchising Limited, a Malta-based company with international representation.  The concept was successfully introduced into South Africa by Kirsty Herron in 2017, and already boasts a number of franchised outlets.

Sanondaf provides touchless disinfection and decontamination services to its clients, using its unique equipment and chemicals in order to ensure that the all required hygienic standards are adhered to.  Specific markets for its business include hospitals, clinics; emergency ambulance services, private households, assisted care centres, mature lifestyle estates, pre-school day care centres, veterinarians, catering businesses, transportation companies, businesses, workplaces, gyms, hotels and accommodation establishments, schools and universities, stables and farms.


Franchise Opportunity

Home-based opportunity with an office and a cool, dry storage facility in which to keep stock.  Prospective franchisees need to be ambitious, energetic and motivated, have a winning way with people and care about the Sanondaf concept.


Franchise Cost

Initial Fee R280 000

Set-up Cost R270 000 (includes a Kia Picanto, 1.0 LS Manual, fully branded)

Total R550 000

Operating Capital R50 000

Total Investment R600 000

Advertising 2.5% of gross sales

Royalties 8.5% of gross sales


R361 000 – Year 1 (projected nett profit)

R462 000 – Year 2 (projected nett profit)


Franchise opportunities - Countrywide


All amounts exclude VAT




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