Refresh Laundry is the product of several decades of experience in the laundry and dry cleaning industry.  Unlike regular laundries, Refresh uses commercial machines capable of doing both laundry and the cleaning of most dry cleanable clothing.  In addition, the company sells a range of ancillary products such as Twinsaver tissue and soap products and dispensers, household and commercial cleaning products, detergents and solvents, and commercial and dry cleaning equipment.  It is Africa’s first dry cleaning company offering environmentally friendly cleaning processes which, true to its motto, extend the care shown for its customer’s precious clothing, to our fragile environment. 


Refresh Laundry believes that linen should not only be clean, but hygienically clean.  This is achieved by washing with a combination of heat and disinfectants, resulting in super clean products.  In this regard the company partnered with Kreussler Textile Care, Germany, a world leader in the manufacture of laundry detergents to deliver a world class wash and to ensure the very latest techniques in cleaning protective garments, and salon and health spa linen. 


Refresh Laundry also believes that quality service is paramount.  The company has over many years subscribed to a culture which puts the customer first.  Its staff takes pride in their work and will always provide service which is efficient and beyond reproach. 


Refresh Laundry’s customers include the hospitality industry, boarding schools, hospitals, clinics, industry sectors and the general public – a superior service delivered door to door.


Franchise Services


Dry en wet cleaning of all laundry items, inter alia garments, linen, towels and overalls to its customers in the residential and commercial sectors, i.e. the hospitality industry, boarding schools, hospitals, clinics and the industrial sector; the selling of ancillary products, including Twinsaver tissue and soap products & dispensers, household cleaning products, commercial detergents & solvents, and commercial laundry & dry cleaning equipment;


Franchise Cost



Initial Fee R50 000

Set-up Cost R405 500

Total R455 500

Operating Capital R100 000

Total Investment R555 500

Advertising  2% of turnover

Royalties      5% of turnover



R122 640 – Year 1 (projected nett profit)

R798 200 – Year 2 (projected nett profit)


Franchise opportunities - Countrywide

All amounts exclude VAT




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